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The luxury cruise line Silversea visits more than 1000 ports around the world, and Conrad Combrink is in charge of the team developing the expeditions and experiences at those diverse destinations. Reporter Veronica Matheson spoke to Conrad Combrink about how Silversea’s itineraries come together.


Cruise amid the fjords

There’s a growing demand from travellers wanting to cruise Norway’s rugged fjord coastline to experience the Midnight Sun in summer months and the spectacular Northern Lights (the aurora borealis) in winter.

One of the major players cruising the Norwegian coastline is Hurtigruten, and to find out more reporter Veronica Matheson chatted to the cruise line’s Damian Perry about Hurtigruten’s 10 ships carrying passengers and freight to 34 ports along the Norwegian coastline, and the four expedition ships that focus on polar waters. For more visit