Best of the best

AS the year closes, family and friends ask “Where was the best place you visited this year?”

Invariably, that place is where I have just been.

As I was in India this month, it remains fresh in my mind as a great place to be.

I saw the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra, and that took my breath away. So did other sights around India.

But the place that stays in my heart is the holy city of Varanasi where many Hindu head to their final resting place beside Mother Ganga (the River Ganges).

On Travel Writers Radio, I talked to Scenic Tour Director Sanjay Nepal about that memorable experience.

FOOTNOTE: I took malaria tablets while travelling through India, but did not come across a mosquito. Back in Australia, and I get my first bite of the summer!


New York, New York!


EVERY year I fly halfway across the world to spend time with family in Manhattan.

It’s a flight path I’ve taken for more than a decade, and will follow for many years to come.

While most people look to a summer visit to the city that never sleeps, winter is a great time to be there, especially if looking at value for money.

NYC & Company, New York City’s official destination guide, has just launched a program that encourages visitors to stay in NYC from January 21 through to February 10 this coming year … really just weeks away!

Over that time, many Broadway shows, museums, attractions and tours will offer a two-for-one price. At the same time nearly 400 restaurants will have prix –fixe menus, and NYC’s hotels will have the most attractive pricing of the year.

Learn more by visiting 









By land and sea

OK, I’ve written the cruise blog for a few years now so it is time for a change of pace.

I plan to widen my ocean horizon to include glorious landscapes along the way. 

Sometimes I will muse about where I’ve been, or where I would like to go, or maybe I’ll focus  on what is happening in the travel scene. It will be a constant work in progress.

True, the world has been my oyster for most of my life, and I plan to keep it that way.

Look out for a diversity of postings including food and wine topics. Hopefully, readers will share my addiction for travel and its varied tastes, and offer their valuable feedback.

Until next time…